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Relax. We've got it handled.

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short term rental management atlanta

Full Service

Short Term Rental Property Management

short term rental management atlanta


Opulence is a full service SHORT TERM rental management company

Ready to Get Started?

Your time is valuable. Here's how we make your experience effortless from start to finish. We provide:

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✔ We are committed to providing prompt and friendly communication with all guests to ensure a positive experience

✔ Our team will handle all correspondence with potential guests on your behalf, ensuring that each inquiry is promptly and professionally addressed

✔ We'll support guests 24/7, no matter the time

24/7 Guest Support



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✔ We will list your short term rental on our direct booking website to increase visibility and maximize your booking potential

✔ We'll also list your home on third party platforms for more traffic (Airbnb, VRBO, and

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✔ We'll provide and pay for property damage insurance up to $1500 for each booking 

✔  Each booking is protected with $1 million in liability insurance that covers: 

✔ Bodily injury to a guest 

✔ Theft of property belonging to a guest

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LOCAL Cleaners

✔ We'll pay for cleanings should you opt for the First Class or World Class Management Options 

✔ We'll hire and manage in-house cleaners 

✔We'll regularly inspect their work to ensure quality 

✔ We'll schedule deep cleanings regularly

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 local Maintenance

✔ We'll hire contractors with great reviews

✔We'll pay contractors for repairing damage caused by the guests under $1500 should you opt for the World Class Management Option

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✔ Our team runs a short term rental comparison analysis with similar homes in your area that to determine the best and highest price point that we can. 

✔ If needed, we'll discount last 

minute bookings to ensure we are as booked as possible 

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✔ We are committed to maximizing your property's booking potential by implementing effective marketing strategies and ensuring that your home is presented at its best.

✔We will ensure that the pricing is set at a competitive level to maximize booking potential.

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extra services

✔ We offer additional services including interior design and project management, and we will take care of every aspect of setting up your home to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

✔ If you opted to DIY instead, we'll view photos of your home and offer suggestions for potential  improvements. 

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Once you join us, we'll send you: 

 A FREE List of Opulence's Favorite Brands including our favorite linen, electronics, supplies, furniture, decor, and more! 

 A FREE Stock Checklist of everything you need for a short term rental 

 A FREE Set-up Guide, should you opt to design and stock your property yourself

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CLIENT PORTAL & monthly reports

✔ You will have exclusive access to your client portal that allows you to monitor all bookings received from each platform in real-time.

✔ On a monthly basis, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that itemizes your earnings after all relevant deductions have been accounted for.


Opulence Also Offers:

✔ Getting the Space Guest-Ready 

✔ Guest Screenings

✔ Managing Guest Complaints

✔ Neighbor Relationships

✔ Restocking Essentials & Supplies

✔ Reporting Property Damage

✔ Contacting Customer Service

✔ Emergency House Calls

✔ Coordinating House Repairs

✔ Coordinating Linen & Laundry

What our Clients say about us: 

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